About Black Justice Journalism

Black Justice Journalism is a term I used to describe independent Indigenous rights journalism which is centered on fighting for ‘justice’, in the ways that First Nations people define it. ‘Justice’ that is not predicated on carceral logics, but instead on the resistances of First Nations people and community. My focus is on radical imaginings of a future in which prisons and police are not seen as the answer to violence. Prisons reproduce violence.

Black Justice Journalism relies first and foremost on the foregrounding of Black Witnesses, who are often silenced or are only granted legitimacy when backed by White Witnesses. It uses a methodology of Presencing, rather than solely humanising, to make visible the waves of state sanctioned violence perpetrated upon our people, in turn illuminating the ways that victims of colonial racial and gendered violence enact their own resistances.

Black Justice Journalism is centred on Indigenous sovereignty, and grounded in this place. I write from Meanjin.

About Amy

I am a Darumbal and South Sea Islander journalist, writer, and academic from Rockhampton in Central Queensland. I’ve spent over 17 years working in independent and Aboriginal media. I was previously the editor of two national Aboriginal publications - the National Indigenous Times and Tracker Magazine. I was previously an Indigenous affairs correspondent for New Matilda, and BuzzFeed News Australia, and hosted the daily current affairs talk show Let’s Talk on 98.9 FM (Triple A), with legendary black broadcaster Tiga Bayles. I currently co-host the investigative podcast Curtain the Podcast with Yuin lawyer Martin Hodgson.

I received my doctorate at the University of Queensland, looking specifically at media representations of violence against Aboriginal women and am currently a postdoctoral Indigenous fellow at the Queensland University of Technology.

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Black Justice Journalism fights for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Resistance. Presence. Justice. Power.


Darumbal/South Sea, PhD candidate - UQ. Occasional freelancer. Curtain Podcast. Racism, feminism, justice, wrongful convictions. amygracemcquire@gmail.com