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I watched SBS last night - Karla Grant's "Insight" - a panel of significant people - families of those murdered by police and gaolers - and those working to right the wrongs - Keenan Mundine (deadly Connections), Dylan Voller (survivor of spit-hooding/Don Dale), Jeffery Amatto, Deb Kilroy (Sisters Inside), Shane Phillips (Tribal Justice), George Newhouse - and others appearing including Leetona Dungay and Paul Silva. Grace and passion in their determination to both gain justice and to act to protect more young people from being killed by police and gaolers! And to think that Leetona Dungay has had to take the David Dungay murder to the UN in order to try and seek some justice! Astounding (or par for the course in the kind of police state suffered by First Nations people here in Australia - in NSW. Your tribute to Mark Mason and his family and the ugliness they have suffered now for so many years is equally moving. Thank-you.

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